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We enthusiastically joined the Green Revolution in 2012 when we established Green Revolution Electric LLC. Our aim, now as it was then, is to do our part to help the planet and future generations of its custodians by being environmentally responsible and recommending sustainable “green” solutions to our customers. And we’re proud to be succeeding, one customer at a time.
At Green Revolution Electric LLC, we routinely help homeowners and commercial/industrial customers reduce their power consumption with energy-efficient LED lighting. We have gone into facilities with older incandescent and other types of lighting, and swapped it out for LED. The changeover really cuts down on their electricity consumption – and their bills.
In a large commercial facility, this can be a sizable project. In a residential setting, it’s easier. As a homeowner, you can make a difference just by changing out your lamps, high-hat recessed lights, and decorative lighting fixtures. One LED bulb delivers the equivalent of six old incandescent bulbs; the LED bulb costs more, but it can last 10 years.
When we work with general contractors on new construction, we make a point of recommending energy-efficient LED lighting. In recent years, we’ve replaced mercury vapor and metal halide high-bay lighting with energy-efficient LED high-bay lights in such settings as auto-repair shops, factories, high school gyms, athletic fields, and a performing arts center.
When you buy a hybrid automobile or an all-electric car, you need a charging station for it. The car dealer furnishes the equipment; Green Revolution Electric installs the electrical infrastructure for your EV charger.

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We’ll teach you how to use your new sustainable solar power system and you can count on us for maintenance and repair assistance as needed. Green Revolution Electric LLC offers free consultations and estimates to customers interested in solar installations. Contact us for an appointment to learn how you can join the Green Revolution!

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Solar Energy

Solar energy systems are one of our specialties. We design, construct, install and integrate sustainable solar power systems for homes and businesses throughout New Jersey.
While the Garden State is not as sunny as many southern and western states, according to cleanenergyauthority.com, solar panel installations here are booming because of the state's energy policies – New Jersey offers incentives for homeowners and businesses that install solar panels.
As of 2018, Clean Energy Authority reports, New Jersey ranked fifth in the country for installed solar generation capacity, and the state will require nearly a quarter of net electricity sales to come from renewable energy resources by 2021.
In densely populated New Jersey, we most commonly install rooftop arrays of solar panels. But if you have space on your property, Green Revolution Electric can install a ground-mounted photo voltaic system in your yard.
A solar energy system typically includes the solar panels (the array), an inverter that converts the solar-generated DC power to the AC (alternating current) required to run your home or business, a battery pack to store energy for use at night or on cloudy days, a solar meter that spins in reverse to give power back to the grid, a back-up generator for systems not tied to the grid (generators can run on propane, gasoline or alternative fuels such as biodiesel), a breaker panel where the solar-generated power connects to the electrical circuits in your home or business, and a regulator that ensures the proper charging voltage for your storage batteries.