Commerical & Industrial Services

Energy-Efficient Solutions
for New and Existing Facilities

Green Revolution Electric LLC provides an array of electrical contracting services to a wide range of commercial and industrial customers. We also design and install solar energy systems at commercial and industrial locations. And, for your electric vehicle fleet, we install EV chargers on your premises.
We’ve worked with general contractors, hospitals and other health care facilities, warehouses, shipping facilities, sewage treatment plants, government facilities, public works departments on municipal projects, restaurants, retail stores, shopping malls, schools and more. Clients include business owners, facilities managers, municipal governments, landlords and tenants.


Some examples of recent commercial and industrial work by Green Revolution Electric LLC’s expert electricians:


We have managed the electrical requirements for restaurants (e.g., stoves, cooktops, small circuit appliances, heat trays) and run power for an all-electric heater and an electric line for gas heat in a township building.


We’ve replaced mercury vapor and metal halide high-bay lighting with energy-efficient LED high-bay lights in auto-repair garages, as well as in factories, high school gymnasiums, and a performing arts center.

Disposal Plant

We have run electrical conduit and installed commercial grade receptacles for a welder and a commercial dryer. We’ve installed disconnects and motor controllers for variable-speed motors, both new work and in the course of repair work at a sewage disposal plant.

A/C Installations

We’ve also handled the electrical side of commercial air conditioning installations, including disconnects and line voltage (running conduits from panel boards to condensers, pulling the appropriate conductors to the units, and installing and terminating them). We’ve also done thermostat wiring.

Generator Installations

We’ve done large-scale generator installations, including a 600,000-watt generator for which we installed crucial load-transfer switches and associated control wiring.


In one hospital installation, we pulled conduits, set vaults and set the transformer (the power company pulled wires to the transformer; we terminated from the transformer into the health care facility).

Older Buildings

We’ve upgraded electrical systems in older buildings where existing design and capacity can’t keep pace with today’s high-tech demands, including needs for more electrical outlets and better lighting.

Honest Workers

On ground-up construction projects, Green Revolution Electric LLC typically works with general contractors all the way from concept through completion.

With retrofits in an occupied building, we make every effort to accommodate continuation of business as usual on the premises and minimize facility downtime.

To catch potential problems before they occur, Green Revolution Electric LLC also conducts preventive maintenance for a number of our customers. Learn more.


Our commercial and industrial services include, but are not limited to: