• Full-Service Electric plus Solar:

    An Unbeatable Combination

  • Quality Service and Reliability
    with a Personal Touch

    Green Revolution Electric LLC is a full-service electrical
    and solar contracting company.

Solar Energy

Most electricians today do only electrical work. Most solar companies do only solar. As our name suggests, Green Revolution Electric LLC capitalizes on the synergies between the two.

Honest Workers

Honest Workers makes us unique among electrical contractors. As a full-service electrical company, Green Revolution Electric LLC is your go-to resource for all your electrical needs, from wiring new construction to adding alarm systems, internet access, Ethernet, data lines, telephone, electric vehicle chargers, LED lighting, and more.

Full-Service Electric

If you’re thinking about powering your home or business with clean, sustainable solar energy, we’re the experts serving most of New Jersey.

Customers trust us

Customers trust Green Revolution Electric LLC to get the job done with quality workmanship, on time, at a reasonable price. And more than half of our business is repeat business or referrals.

What’s in a name?

Why do we call ourselves Green Revolution Electric LLC? Although we routinely deliver traditional electrical services powered by the largely fossil-fueled grid, we’re convinced of the need to convert to clean, sustainable energy sources to help address environmental issues now and in the future. So we’ve quite literally embraced the “Green Revolution” that’s occurring worldwide.

Through our work on solar installations – and even installing chargers for electric cars – we’re doing our part to help the planet and future generations. We welcome you to contact us and join the revolution!

Why Choose Us

Green Revolution Electric LLC is a full-service electrical and solar contracting company. Whatever your home or business needs, we can help you, and our estimates are always free.